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The Skipjack Bike Tour has been postponed until next year. more info...


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Welcome to Deal Island...

"Home of the Skipjacks"

Over 60 years of service!

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Deal Island-Chance Volunteer Fire Department. Located about 15 minutes from Princess Anne, station #4 can be found after a relaxing, scenic drive through forests, farmland, marshlands, and open water. You will also pass by many of our churches, such as Saint Stephen United Methodist Church, Somerset United Methodist Church in Dames Quarter, and Rock Creek Methodist Episcopal Church in Chance. As you cross Seal over the bridge to Deal Island, you'll not only be greeted by the sunlight glistening off the pristine sound, but also by the many boats docked along the shore which tie deeply into our waterfront heritage. Continuing a little further though the tightly knit town of older homes, you will find yourself in front of the fire station, which is on the right. Deal Island Chance Volunteer Fire department is made up of dedicated volunteers who care about their community, their town, and their neighbors. It is this spirit that permeates through every resident of this area, and which makes it a great place to live, work, and play.

(Photos courtesy of Claudia Mouery)